Gamma Brain
Manufacturer Yomega
Release date 2011
Shape Flared
Color Various
Weight 65.2 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 59.03mm
Width: 38.44mm
Material Plastic
Bearing size Plastic transaxle sleeve with internal ball bearing and O-ring
Response system Auto-return clutch, complimented by starbursts (Clutch can be disabled via switch)

The Gamma Brain (also known as the Gamma Brain Wing) by Yomega is an auto-return yo-yo released in 2011 as a high-end variant of the Brain. It features a wing-shaped body and Smart Switch mechanism like the Power Brain XP Wing, but in this case, it also features a redesigned clutch system for even smoother auto-returns, along with an internal ball bearing in the clutch transaxle sleeve. The latter allows for longer spinning when the Smart Switch is set to OFF by the user. The Gamma Brain also comes included with an instructional video DVD.