Manufacturer Yomega
Release date 2011
Shape Butterfly
Color Orange/Blue
Semi-clear Blue/White
Semi-clear Red/White
Semi-clear Yellow/White
Semi-clear Green/White
Semi-clear Orange/White
Weight 67.7 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 54.28mm
Width: 38.35mm
Trapeze Width: 38mm
Material Plastic with aluminum weight rings
Bearing size Size C
Response system Yomega rubber response pads

The Ooch-Yo by Yomega is the plastic version of the original Ooch Yo Smoov/Groov yo-yos, first released in 2011, and is the signature series yo-yo of Brett Outchcunis A.K.A. "Ooch".


This Ooch-Yo is a much different beast than the original Smoov and Groov Ooch Yo's manufactured by Rhody-O, being a plastic yo-yo with aluminum weight rings built into its rims, instead of a full-metal yo-yo. Its design is based on that of the 2011 version of the HyperWarp Heavy Wing, except with a large C-bearing. Because the C-bearing is larger and wider than the HyperWarp Heavy Wing's bearing size, it is less responsive, requiring the use of a bind technique to get the yo-yo to return to the user's hand.




2013 video of the Ooch-Yo. Video credit to the official Yomega Corp. YouTube channel


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