The Panther, released sometime in the 1990s, was Yomega's one and only foray into wooden yo-yos, and their answer to What's Next's BC/Tom Kuhn line.

It is designed specifically for traditional yo-yo players who use fixed axle yo-yos, and is completely "tech-free". By that, they mean no roller bearings or transaxles, no adjustable string gaps, no auto-return clutches, none of those things. It is made of wood laminated in a striking black color scheme with stylistic white decals depicting a snarling black panther. The yo-yo also features thin rubber rings around the rims that were advertised by Yomega to protect the player's hands.

Unfortunately, the Panther has had its problems, and was an unpopular yo-yo for it; The Panther was heavy at about 60 grams, and its profile is considered to be like a brick. The reason behind the weight is because the Panther's body halves are comprised of multiple wooden strips that are shrunken down together, somewhat similar to the Hummingbird Trickster. Also, and in a rather ironic twist, the rubber rings tended to make the string snag up at unpredictable and ultimately inconvenient moments.


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