Power Spin
Manufacturer Yomega
Release date Early 1990s
Shape Modified
Color Various
Weight N/A
Dimensions Diameter: 58.6mm
Material Plastic
Bearing size Plastic transaxle sleeve
Response system Starburst

The Power Spin by Yomega is a plastic yo-yo first released in the 1990s. 


The Power Spin is a plastic transaxle yo-yo with a Modified-style body similar to the expensive Tom Kuhn SB-2, and it places the primary mass towards the rims for faster inertia and increased rim speed. The RB II was based on the Power Spin's design, enhanced with a roller bearing like that of the Raider.

It was also licensed to Bandai and released in the Japanese Hyper Yo-Yo line as the Hyper Impulse.


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