The RB II by Yomega is a plastic ball-bearing yo-yo released in the late 1990s.


The RB II is a variant of the Power Spin, combining the capless, rim-weighted Modified body with the long-spinning roller bearing of the Raider. It was also licensed to Bandai for the Hyper Yo-Yo line as the Hyper RB II (Japanese: ハイパーRB II).

It also weighs less than the Raider for a lighter feel, better control, and faster spinning (in excess of 10,000 RPM!). It was used by the Yo-Yo Princess herself, Jennifer Baybrook, to win the World 2A Championship title at the 1998 World Yo-Yo Contest.

Also released was the limited edition Saber RB II, which features the Saber Wing body shape for string tricks, and was exclusively sold on the Yoyoguy website. 


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