Manufacturer Yomega
Release date 1999
Shape Convex/Standard
Color Clear
Clear Red
Clear Blue
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Material Plastic
Bearing size Size E Yomega Small
Response system Starburst

The RPM is a yo-yo by Yomega released in 1999. Its name stands for "Raider Performance Measurement", which leads to its most distinctive feature; internal, battery-powered computer circuitry that processes the yo-yo's speed and movement patterns in increments of Miles per Hour (mph), Kilometers per Hour (km/h), and Revolutions per Minute (RPM).

Through this technology, the RPM can also measure how long the user lets it sleep, how many loops performed with it, and detects mistakes to maintain a record in each of those categories. Much like the Raider that it is based on, the RPM features a ball bearing axle and starburst response. One of the yo-yo's body halves contained the internal circuitry, along with an LCD screen for visual output, battery covers, and three buttons; One for turning the yo-yo on and switching to different modes of play, another for viewing the high scores, and the third for showing the playing results.



  • Tiger Electronics had developed and distributed a similar electronic yo-yo called the E-Yo.
  • An electronic yo-yo was also distributed by The Gap as a promotional item for the Gap Kids line.
  • The RPM was erroneously described by some sources online as having a transaxle sleeve when the yo-yo actually has a roller bearing.

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