The X-Brain Wing is a butterfly-shaped Yomega X-Brain. This allows beginning players to perform string tricks while having the same return action as the X-Brain.


  • two way response system
  • automatic return clutch system
  • wing shape
  • plastic transaxle


The X brain Wing is the same as the X-brain, the difference being that the X-Brain Wing has a wing or butterfly shape. You can switch between auto return and manual, simply by removing the plastic o-ring on the transaxle.

The wing shape of the X-Brain Wing allows for the beginner to learn string tricks easier, such as the basic trapeze, elevator, and so on. Also, the widened string gap makes the yoyo land on the string much easier.

The yoyo can also loop for beginner 2a'ers, but is designed especially for string play. The Yomega X-Brain is designed more to the 2a play.

This is a good start for beginners to master the yoyo quicker and learn the basic string tricks.

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